Random Pokemon Generator

Pokemon has been a part of our life for a long time. It is definitely one of the coolest games in history and to this day, many fans have spent plenty of time finding their special Pokemon. Furthermore, many devoted followers love this franchise very much. They even create their own Pokemon. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to come up with original names for your Pokemon. So if you are desperate for great names, go for this Pokemon randomizer right now! It has an unlimited number of fantastic Pokemon names.

What does Pokemon Generator do?

As a handy tool, Random Pokemon Generator offers you a collection of Pokemon names from which our tool will pick and as many names as you wish, and as unique as you wish. You may even try to generate a random Pokemon type or random legendary Pokemon, or even a random Pokemon squad. Our tool will also help you keep in mind all the names of Pokemon faster or find the correct strategies to play the games that are Pokemon-related.

You have the option to get as many random names as you want. You can see what you would be called if you were a Pokemon!

So, still doubtful? Go grab them all!

Pokemon Names

Pokemon names just sound special. What makes them so unique? Well, these names usually consist of two or more word combinations. Often these are word games, in which words from foreign languages are often found. So there's no magic behind it. Just try to use words that you like and describe Pokemon – this method will instantly give you Pokemon names!

How to use Random Pokemon Generator

• It's easy: click "Generate" and the tool will work! The result will be displayed on the screen! • You can generate Pokemon names as many times as you want as there’s no limitation with our tool.

You can even go the other way! Try using this generator of Pokemon names first and then create or draw your individual creations depending on the names you have created. It's a lot of fun, try it!

History of Pokemon

On February 27, 1996, two games for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld console appeared in Japanese stores — Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. Since then, the number of Pokemon has grown to 800, and they have become heroes for millions of players from all over the world.

The idea of Pokemon came to the developer and president of the Game Freak company Satoshi Tajiri when he remembered his favorite activity from childhood - catching bugs and sharing them with peers. In 1990, he invited Nintendo to create a game based on this entertainment, and six years later Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were released in Japan. Soon, Japanese residents were enthusiastically trying to find Pokemon of all kinds, of which there were 151 at that time.

Fake Monster

Fans of the Pokemon franchise often refer to the Pokemon Fakemon created by fans, since they are not official. Even if the word does not have not a positive connotation, do not be upset by calling a fake Pokemon by that name. Many fans have devoted a lot of time to creating thousands of Fakemons; some even make their fan games with their creations!

Why Do I Need The Name Generator Tool?

Where can I get a few dozen fictional names? No imagination will be enough to come up with so many! The online Pokemon randomizer will help you quickly cope with such a problem! Thanks to our name generator, you can quickly fill out lists of players or come up with names for all your friends. You can generate a fictitious name for yourself or just expand your knowledge about the presence of certain names. Here you will find not only ones familiar to everyone but also rare names. Don't you believe it? Try it yourself online right now!

• Like all our name generators, this is especially interesting to use! The possibilities are endless! • We hope you will enjoy working with our name randomizer and you will be able to easily find the options you need.

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